In Conversation with AI Leaders & Innovators

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this show by the host and the guest(s) are personal and do not represent the views of their current or former employers.

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I have wanted to create a podcast featuring AI leaders and Innovators over the last 3 years. I finally got around to doing it. Thanks to all the leaders around the world who have graciously accepted my invite to be on my podcast. The objective of the podcast is to give the audience a close up view of how these leaders got to where they are, what ideas are they working on now, and what AI trends they foresee. This podcast is intended to be about informal conversations with AI leaders and innovators across the world in all industries ranging from healthcare, banking, insurance, energy, transportation, tech, and consulting. For those of you who take public transport like me or those that drive, this podcast could be a fun and informative way to spend those 30 mins. Enjoy these informal conversations and give me suggestions on who you would like to hear from next. 

Upcoming Guests (in no particular order)

  • Gourab Mookherjee, CEO and Co-Founder Aktivo Labs, Singapore
  • Dr. David Hardoon, Special AI Advisor for Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) (former CDO at MAS)
  • Celine Le Cottonec, Chief Data and Innovation Officer, Bank of Singapore (former CDO at AXA Singapore)
  • Dr. Patricio Rocha, Senior Engineer at PJM Interconnection, Philadephia, USA (Largest Independent System Operator in the US)
  • Dr. Diego Martinez, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA
  • Arvind Mathur, CIO Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa at Kellogg Company
  • Dr. Bibudh Lahiri, Principal AI Researcher, Accenture, India
  • Dr. Andres Uribe-Sanchez, Director of Analytics, Liberty Insurance, Boston, USA
  • Dr. Vijay Srinivas Agneeswaran, Director of Data Science, Walmart Data Labs, India

AI Explainability and What it means to be a Data Artist: with Dr. David Hardoon

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In this episode we speak with Dr. David Hardoon. David is a renowned expert and a much sought after speaker on the topics of AI, Machine Learning, and analytics in the Banking and Financial services sectors around the world. 

In this episode we talk about:

  • What it means to be a data artist?
  • What is AI explainability and why it is a critical topic?
  • What is a data culture?

Hope you enjoy the conversation.

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People, Trust, Innovation, and AI with Celine Le Cotonnec

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In this episode, we speak with Celine Le Cotonnec, the Chief Data & Innovation Officer for Bank of Singapore. She is a leading voice in Asia for AI and ML and for empowerment and training of people to ensure they are ready for the upcoming AI-led transformation of the financial sector.

  1. Why do people need to be the centerpiece of an organization’s AI strategy?
  2. AI Explanability versus Trust in AI
  3. Advice for FinTech and InsurTech players in Asia.
  4. How Celine founded the Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB), a charity program providing free training in French bakery to marginalized Chinese youth aged 17 to 23, enabling them to find qualified jobs and lead independent lives after graduation.

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Conversational AI-The next frontier for Brand-Customer Engagement with Swami Sekar

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In this episode we chat with Swami Sekar, the CEO and Co-Founder of Winimy.ai, a conversational AI startup based in Singapore. 

Swami holds an MS and MBA from MIT and a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from NTU.

  1. Swami discusses how his company is responding to the COVID-19 crisis
  2. He provides some pointers on how to manage startup teams during such crises
  3. What winimy.ai does in conversational AI, holographic telepresence, etc.
  4. Swami says “over the last 40 years, we have had to learn how to interact with machines from typing to swiping, but for the first time in human history, the machines are trying to learn our behavior, which is an important inflection point.”
  5. Pointers for entrepreneurs and how organizations in Singapore like Enterprise Singapore, SGInnovate, and IMDA have played an important role in Winimy’s success

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